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Q: "It’s my first massage and I'm nervous about privacy?"

A: Client care and confidentiality is of the utmost importance and a code of conduct and ethics is always followed. Sessions are held in private rooms and every treatment is an individually tailored, high quality massage.

Q: "Are there medical reasons why I shouldn’t have a massage?"

A: Although massage is a safe treatment there are certain conditions where it is advisable to consult with either your Doctor or Physiotherapist. This includes head / back injuries, high/low blood pressure, or heart conditions.

Q: "What if I am pregnant?"

A: For women who are pregnant no treatment can be carried out until after the third month.

Q: "Should I avoid food and drink before a massage?"

A: On the day of your massage it is advisable to drink plenty of water, especially after your treatment to ensure you stay hydrated, if you need to eat it is best to have something light about two hours before your treatment.

Q: "I may be coming down with a cold and feel run down, can I still have a massage?"

A: Because Massage pushes the toxins around the body it can make the symptoms worse. It is advisable to rest and recover before treatment. If symptoms persist then seek advice from your Doctor.