Kinesiology Taping (K-Tape) has become a very popular aid for modern day physical problems, ranging from tight hamstrings to postural issues. The tape acts as a support to give strength to a particular muscle, tendon or ligament that may be injured, weakened, strained or undergoing rehabilitation. The benefits are to increase performance, reduce pain and improve range of motion.

K-Taping matches and augments the stretch characteristics of your skin and muscles. It does not contain any medication or drugs, all the benefits come from the tapes elasticity.

It can be used for a number of conditions and is commonly applied to aid healing, drain swelling, improve function, reduce imbalances delay muscle fatigue and facilitate an early return to activity or sport and can improve sporting performance.

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  • Reduce Pain
  • Improve flexibility
  • Reduce imbalances
  • Improve awareness
  • Delay Muscle Fatigue
  • Improve Athletic Performance
  • Promote a Healing Environment
  • Normalise Muscle Tone
  • Supports Tissue Damage
  • Improve Blood Flow and Lymphatic Drainage